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Trips and Trip rooms:

Unlike many social sites, CoEd Road Trips (CERT) has a specific sequence that must be used to create some content.

The unique feature of CERT is "trips." Trips let you plan out how you want to travel and then invite others to join you. To make one, just click "Post Trip" in the sidebar. You input some information about where and how you want to travel, and CERT records your information and puts it on the trips list where other users can see it. Users can see where you're going, how you want to travel, and decide if it's a trip they'd like to go along on. Users who want to go on a trip can contact the user who made it and tell them so.

Once you have a group of people interested in a trip, you can create a "Trip Room" for them to better communicate with each other. Trips rooms have private forums and other features that help users plan and talk about their travel plans and experiences. To make a trip room, click "Create Trip Room" in the sidebar. Select a trip that you have created. This will make a trip room focused on that trip. You can then invite users to the trip room or respond to requests to join.

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